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RT Surfboards - VMAX


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Designed to be comfortable in fast, hollow and powerful waves, when you
need a longer board to hold more juicy conditions.
The outline has the width pulled up a bit, with a clean, flowing outline.
The tail is pulled in a bit, but wide enough to let your back foot sit comfortably
over the fins area.
We suggest adding at least 1/8 of an inch in thickness for better paddling
Both nose and tail ends are thinned out, with tapered rails, for a nice,
sensitive, feeling.
Trusty and forgiving, this shape has the power to drive you through the
heaviest sections and will let you carve and play following your inspiration.
Choose the length accordingly to the size of the waves you want to face:
just a couple of inch longer than you everyday board will make an helpful
step-up; longer versions will broaden your comfort zone in bigger and heavier

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Lumières d'Hiver from Tristan Guilbaud on Vimeo.