The blend of some very clean lines, with a wide tail, wide nose and fairly parallel rails, this shape is very different from the standard shortboard but don’t be fooled by the unusual lines: it’s all about performance. Alberto (RT Surfboards) did the most thorough research he's ever done to find the perfect balance among all the details to get the best efficiency out of a piece of foam.

The wide nose and the extra wide tail let you take advantage of every inch of the board. The rocker and the bottom contour, a subtle mix of curvy and straight lines, deliver a nice blend of drive and thrust. Extremely fast, maneuverable and accurate, yet very easy to use, reliable and predictable, this shape will make you catch more waves, surf easily and have more fun. Which is an elaborate way to say that this shape just makes you surf better. We dare you to try it!

Alberto suggests to get this model 3 to 4 inch shorter, with the same width and thickness as your regular shortboard.