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The result of two years of work with Jayce Robinson, to perfect a reliable
model for everything from 2ft. wind swell to 6ft. perfection.
This shape is like no other of our range: fairly wide and thick under the
front foot, “supercharged” by a deep single concave running through the
whole length, with the deepest part just between the front fins.
The key is the good balance between the pressure generated by the deep
concave under the back foot, and the wider planning area under the front foot.
Put in the mix a moderate, continuous rocker and some forgiving rails and you
get a deadly efficient shape, comfortable and predictable, delivering heaps of
The size chosen will define its ultimate character: shorter and wider versions
will excel in small conditions, while longer and narrower will be more at ease
in everyday conditions.

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Between Heats - Jayce Robinson from Anthony Butler on Vimeo.