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RT Surfboards - ROVER


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One of the most popular model of our range, updated and perfected year after
year since more than a decade now….
The  front half has a low entry rocker and plenty of volume, while the back half
has the shape of a performance shortboard.
Comfortable in a surprisingly wide range of utilization, this model is fast,
predictable and reliable, yet it can be surfed on the rail as hard as you can.
We suggest to order the Rover 2 to 4 inch shorter than your average shortboard,
3/4 to 1 inch wider.
Longer versions will perfectly suit intermediate surfers wanting to improve their
level on a user friendly, compact and reactive board.
Available upon demand with a roundpin tail, a swallow tail or with a squash tail.

CURRENTLY ONLY BUILT TO ORDER (delivery 3-4 weeks from order)

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