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RT Surfboards - PSYKOCANDY


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A mellow character, with a twist of performance vibe in it.
The balance among front and rear width, rocker curve and bottom contour,
rail profile and volume, make for a super user friendly shape, raced enough
to allow some bold lines.
Best suited for smallish, soft waves, the oversized nose and tail will glide you
through flats and weak sections; but push hard over the rails and the board
will light up with surprisingly live reactions, drive and projection.
The key: the interaction between the relaxed, continuous rocker line, and the
bottom contour, single concave under the front foot, becoming double
concave through the front fins and finishing with a Vee off the tail.
Ultimately the size you chose will define the true character of the model: short
and compact will fulfill the needs of an advanced surfer looking for a small
wave groveler, while some more generous sizes will perfectly suit intermediate
surfers looking for a friendly board to improve their game as fast as possible.

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